Education | Advanced Practicum in School Psychology
P697 | 6276 | Dr. Jack Cummings

The Advanced Practicum in School Psychology is intended to be a
transitional experience between the completion of your first two
years of core school psychology preparation and your internship. It
will provide insights into the supervision process both from the view
of the supervisor and the supervisee. The overarching goal of P697 is
to improve the provision of psychological services. Improving the
quality of supervision is one vehicle for increasing the
effectiveness of a psychological services unit. Various ways to
support supervisees will be explored with attention to the cultural
and ethical/legal contexts. As the 2002 School Psychology Futures
Conference ( took place this past
fall, we will integrate conference events with the course. The
Internet and various digital tools will be used to extend the reach
of school psychologists. Toward this end, we will investigate current
uses of technology by school psychologists and think about future


•evaluate models of clinical supervision from the perspectives of the
supervisee and supervisor;

•understand ethical and legal issues associated with clinical

•conceptualize clinical supervision from the framework of cultural
competence and diversity;

•practice clinical supervision with videotaped and actual cases;

•explore appropriate uses of the Internet by school psychologists and
psychological service units;

•develop basic understanding of HTML and presentation software;

•examine  business models of marketing and management for their
relevance to the implementation and expansion of school psychological
services to better meet the needs of children and schools; and

•learn professional behaviors in various social situations.

IU Code of Student Rights has information about students’ rights and
responsibilities. Students are expected to turn in their own work and
cite sources they use for papers and assignments. Ted Frick, a
faculty member in the Department of Instructional Systems Technology,
created a useful program to clarify the parameters of plagiarism.

Religious Holidays: The faculty wish to accommodate the religious
practices of students. One of the most strongly held values in the
School of Education is respect for diversity.  The above link
provides information on accommodations and procedures to allow
students to observe various religious holidays.  Students should
request the accommodation in advance. There is a downloadable form
that a student may use to request permission to miss class due to a
religious holiday.
Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS): IU Health Center, 10th
& Jordan, 855-5711
Safety Escort Services: 855-7233 or 855-SAFE; Free evening
transportation for persons who would otherwise be walking across
campus alone


September 4
Orientation and overview of expectations for seminar

September 11
Support each other in achieving personal goals, reflections on what
constitutes an exemplary clinical supervisor, comprehensive school
psychological services;

APA Division 16 goals/objectives and specialty definition

NASP Standards review "Domains of School Psychology Training and
Practice" pp. 22- 35

September 19
Review the background reading for Thomas Kratochwill's Futures
presentation. Chambless, D. L. (2001)Empirically supported
psychological interventions: Controversies and evidence. Annual
Review of Psychology.

September 25
Applications of technology: Innovative uses of webpages; electronic
forums; videoconferencing; electronic reports; virtual professional

Cummings, J. A. (2001) Professional Communities of the Future.  The
School Psychologist. 55(1), pp. 2,15.

Post the homepage (URL) of psychological services for 5 different
school districts.  I searched by entering "school psychology" and
came up with reams of school psychology training programs, but no
actual school district pages.  Next, I went to LA Unified and did a
serch from that site.  I found the following.
The eventual goal will be come up with suggested elements that should
go into a "model" site.

October 2
Lessons for marketing and management

Read Welch (2002) and MacStravic (2000) and consider potential
generalization of the concepts to implementation of psychological

Welch, J. F. (Feb 2002) Timeless Principles. Executive Excellence 18
(4), 2-3.
MacStravic, S. (2000). The Death of the Four 'P's: A Premature
Obituary. Marketing Health Services  20(4), p16-21.

October 9 October 13-14 (no class on October 16) IASP Indianapolis at the Omni North Hotel at 82nd Street and Shadeland Oct 23 Article discussion – Promoting healthy school