English | Introduction to the English Language
G205 | 2242 | Kintgen

G205  2242 KINTGEN
Introduction to the English Language

2:30P-3:45P TR (70) 3 CR.

Phonology, morphology, syntax, and semantics of contemporary
English; the method of study is eclectic, blending aspects of the
traditional, scholarly, structural, and generative approaches.  By
the end of the course, students will have some familiarity with the
sound system of English and its relation to the writing system, with
the construction of words and their classification into parts of
speech, with the construction of phrases, clauses, and sentences,
and with the relation between words and constructions and their
meanings.  We will also examine linguistic variation, both
historical and dialectal: the different varieties of language people
use depending on the situation and on their geographical and socio-
economic backgrounds.  There will be two hour texts and a final.