English | Introduction to Fiction
L204 | 2174 | Huntsman

L204 2174 HUNTSMAN
Introduction to Fiction

10:10a-11:00a MWF (25) 3 CR.


The purpose of this course, designed for non-majors and carrying an
endorsement for COAS intensive writing credit, is to introduce you
to a variety of fictional genres, and to help you learn to write
better about them (and other things).  We will very explicitly look
at how writers write, and why.  Most of the short pieces of fiction
(including work by Kafka, Faulkner, Hemingway, Updike, Mason, and
Joyce) will come from a single collection, but we will also read a
few longer works.  In addition to almost daily in-class exercises,
you will write two or three longer papers which you will be asked to
revise and resubmit, because only by re-writing can you learn to
write better.  There will also be a midterm and a final examination,
which will cover the content of the readings as well as the
processes of reading and writing.

NB: Because of the COAS Intensive Writing endorsement due this
course, daily attendance will be required.  Although the two courses
(L204 and W333) are handled concurrently, it is possible (and it has
happened) for you to pass one and not the other.

Basic Text:   Charters, The Story and its Writer

The reading list for the longer works has not yet been finalized,
but the following are possibilities:
Alvarez, How the Garcia Girls Lost their Accent, Capote, In Cold
Blood, Erdrich, Tracks, LeGuin, The Left Hand of Darkness, Walker,
The Color Purple