English | Ethnic American Literature
L374 | 2224 | Martinez

L374 2224 MARTINEZ
Ethnic American Literature

4:00p-5:15p TR (30) 3 CR.


Given the impossible task of completing a comprehensive discussion
of Chicano/a culture in one semester, this course will be organized
primarily around the changing consciousness of the Mexican American
generation and the Chicano/a generation.  This evolution is itself
extraordinarily complex, and must itself be limited by the time
allowed this semester.  Thus, we will focus on the emergence of
a "Mexican American" identity in post-war America and the rise of
a "Chicana/o" identity in the 1960s, then consider urban Chicana/o
experience, and end with a discussion of current immigration
issues.  We will examine the tensions between the pressures to
assimilate and the efforts at resistance to such assimilation, the
differences between the urban and agrarian experience, as well as
the Chicana critique of Chicano politics.  Each "period" creates a
politics, identity, and poetics, which is then transformed by the
following generation.  By tracing this development we might begin to
see continuity in what Ramon Saldivar has called the "Chicano
Narrative," while acknowledging the many different experiences,
traditions, agendas, and voices which make up Chicana/o culture.
There will be a final exam, two 5-page essays, and a reading journal
of approximately 25 1-page