English | Internship in English
L498 | 2240 | Sterrenburg

Internship in English

2:30p-3:45p TR (30) 1-3 CR.


“Careers in English” responds to the expressed desire of our
current English majors for a course in professional development.
Unlike disciplines that are geared toward a specific profession,
such as Journalism, Education, and Business, the English major
prepares students for a range of tasks in a variety of professions.
By the same token, the connection between the English major and the
world of work is not always apparent, especially since many of our
students have entered the major out of a love for literature.  In
L498, students will have the opportunity not only to articulate the
skills they have developed in English but also to connect with the
world of work in a more practice-centered way.

The core texts for the course are a series of “Career Profiles” case
studies, which have been compiled from extensive interviews with
over one-hundred graduates of the IU Bloomington English Department
who are now employed in various professions.  These case studies
include technical writer, acquisitions editor, marketing/public
relations/media relations, journalism, information technology, and
law.  Each case history has tasks, investigations, and explorations
to go along with it.   Students will explore some of the complexity,
problems and satisfactions, analytical and communication skills, and
routines and job emphases or changes that emerge from the case
studies. Another text for the course will be Blythe Camenson,
Careers in Writing.

The course will begin with a unit in which students seek to identify
their own potential career interests.  We will then turn to the case
studies and begin analyzing them and doing some of the applied and
exploratory tasks that goes along with them.  We plan to have
presentations on interviewing.  Each student may possibly conduct a
phone interview with one of the former English Department graduates
who contributed to the “Career Profiles.”   Students will be asked
to become more self-conscious about articulating how the analytical
and communication skills they have learned while reading, studying,
discussing, and writing about literature can transfer over into
possible career paths.  A unit toward the end of the course will
focus on getting a job in which the aforementioned skills are used.

Student work in the course will include a sustained piece of writing
that analyzes one of the case studies, briefer reports, exercises,
synopses, interview summaries, and applied tasks in and beyond the
case studies.  There may be some dossier development work.  The
course will be graded pass/fail.  Students will be expected to
attend regularly and to complete all the varied tasks for the
course.   This course offers an important opportunity to encounter
and explore the stunning and exciting variety of professions that
former IUB English majors have managed to forge with
their “literary” skills.  The course offers current English majors a
chance to rethink what they are learning and to ask where that array
of skills may lead them in their various futures.