English | Advanced Poetry Writing
W403 | 2142 | Young

2:30p-5:00p T (15) 3 cr.


This course serves as a further study of the writing of poetry. We
will workshop student writing, as well as study contemporary poetry,
in order to gain a sense of various methods of finding one’s own way
with the word. Student writers are responsible for reading and
writing poems each week, and will complete a final portfolio with
revised versions of pieces written during the semester; students
will emerge with a broad sense of the possibilities of poetry, both
their own and in the world.
To apply to this class, place five poems. your e-mail address, and a
list of creative writing classes you’ve taken (with names of
instructors) in my mailbox in BH 442 at least one week before your
registration day.  Submit your manuscript as soon as possible, as
places will be filled as people apply–if you have a late
registration date, apply at the beginning of the period to reserve a
space.  No places will be saved for late registration.  I will
contact those admitted to the class.  After you have been approved,
please see the Creative Writing Secretary or the Undergraduate
Secretary in BH 442 for on-line authorization. You must have an
authorization prior to registering for this course.