Fine Arts | *NEW COURSE* - Architecture for Planet Earth
A290 | 9850 | Gros Louis


	Architecture as we know it today is not just the product of chance
or the caprice of architects.  If we look closely at the buildings around
us we will see beyond "style" and discover that architecture is about our
evolving relationship with our environment, Planet Earth.
	This course will trace the development of architecture from basic
nature-determined forms to the most high-tech structures of the 90s.  It
will address natural conditions that influence architecture, cultural
forces that add complexity to built environments, and finally, the
"modern" world's struggle to maintain the right balance between nature and
culture in architecture.

Course requirements and grades:

	Lectures and assigned readings and videos per syllabus.  Grades
will be based on bi-weekly take-home exercises/papers, class
participation, vocabuary tests and a final examination.