Fine Arts | Topography and Monuments of Ancient Rome
A410 | 2310 | Franklin

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Meets with another FINA A410, CLAS C421 and C503
The glories of Rome  the Forum Romanum, the Imperial Fora, the Colosseum,
Nero's Golden House, the Imperial Palace on the Palatine, to name a few --
begin with those of the original Roma, founded according to legend in 753
B.C.  Trace the growth of this small village to the major city of the
ancient world, and discover the building types and architectural
discoveries that we owe to this amazing city.

But to study the ancient city, you will need also to learn your way around
the modern, so that at the end of the course you will be able to travel to
Rome and enjoy it for yourself.  Study includes the best public
transportation schemes to get to the sites  as well as helpful hints about
where to schedule lunch along the way!

Professor Franklin, the instructor, has lived in Rome for several years
and has twice served as Professor-In-Charge of the Intercollegiate Center
for Classical Studies, Rome, where he taught the history and structure of
the ancient city.