Fine Arts | Romanesque Art - For UG AND GR students
A423 | 2314 | Reilly

Above section for BOTH undergraduate and graduate students.

	This course will survey the flowering of art and architecture
following the end of the Viking  invasions of Europe.  The medieval
pilgrimage, the cult of relics, the crusades, feudalism, the investiture
crisis, and the growth of female patronage all contributed to the
appearance of new types of artwork in the period between 1000 and 1200.
Heresy, medieval view of sin and vice, and the writings of mystics guided
the invention of new subjects in art.  The recovery of Roman building
techniques and the innovations of medieval builders led to the development
of new kinds of church architecture, complementing the economic recovery
of the eleventh century.  Lectures and class discussion will seek to put
phenomena such as the growth of the great monastic church, the emergence
of the Giant Bible and the appearance of apocalyptic portal sculptures in
the historical context.