Fine Arts | 20th Century Art 1900-1924
A442 | 2315 | Kennedy

This course will consider various aspects of modernism as it arose in
France, Germany, Russia, and other European countries in the period fro
1900 through the early 1920s.  Among the recurring themes and topics will
be the following: the phenomenon of "primitivism," responses to scientific
discoveries and technological change, attempts to identify and depict a
radically transformed modern consciousness (and, in some cases, attempts
to reshape human behavior and physiology), and the persistent critiques of
the institution of art, especially in the post World War I period.

The focus is on painting and sculpture, with some attention to
architecture.  Matisse, Picasso, Leger, Delaunay, Kadinsky, Mondrian,
Malevich, and Duchamp will be examined in depth, but the course will
include many other artists, including some of the women artists of the
period, e.g., Sonia Delaunay, Gabriele Munter, Kathe Kollwitz, Natalia