Fine Arts | Art of Sub-Saharan Africa I: Art of the Western Sudan
A453 | 2316 | McNaughton

We will explore 750,000 square miles of some of the most exciting and
intellectually stimulating art on the face of the earth.  Our emphasis
will be sculpture, but cloth, architecture, theater and an assortment of
other expressive form swill also be considered.

FORM is our key, the idea being that form is the essence of the human mind
at work.  We will consider the myriad ways form is articulated to create
works of art and the diverse means by which the forms in art are used by
people in their lives.  Our area is West Africa's vast Sudan, the Savannah
lands between Lake Chad and the headwaters of the Niger River.  Most of
what we look at will be situated in the 20th century.