Fine Arts | Contemporary Art
A490 | 2320 | Bowles

P: must have taken at least one of the following: FINA A340, A341, A342,
A348, A449.  Or permission of instructor

Above section for UG only

Art made since the 1980s cannot be easily understood in terms of movements
or styles. While some  artists have made work that asks difficult  moral
and political questions, others have sought new means for exploring art's
expressive capacity. Feminism, Queer Theory, and so-called "identity
politics" have entered the mainstream. Globalization  means that
jet-setting curators are now the norm. In the museum, photography, video,
performance, installation and digital media have taken their places
alongside painting, print-making, and sculpture. This course surveys the
diverse tendencies and debates that have defined  recent art, asking how a
new younger generation of artists and art historians is making sense of
the exciting possibilities.