Fine Arts | Illuminated Manuscripts from Late Antiquity to. . .
A622 | 2327 | Kleinbauer

Illuminated Manuscripts from Late Antiquity to the End of the Ottonian Age
(Problems in Early Medieval Art )

This graduate seminar will critically examine illuminated manuscripts of
the Carolingian and Ottonian periods (ca. 750-1050).  These manuscripts
include Gospel Books, psalters, sacramentaries, Bibles, and prayer books
as well as secular works:  calendars, astronomical texts, the plays of
Terence, and Cicero's Aratus.   The themes and programs of these
manuscripts will be investigated in terms of  particular problems, such as
patronage, royal and imperial images, narrative scenes, poetical and
political messages of imagery, interlinks between religious beliefs and
politics, the influence of antiquarianism as well as Late Antique,
Byzantine, and Hiberno-Saxon images, how Carolingian and Ottonian
illuminators metamorphosized such sources, critical assessments of
originality and freedom, and the roles of color and expressiveness.

Knowledge of German is highly desirable.

Introductory lectures by the instructor.  Participants will make oral
reports and submit a final written paper at the end of the semester.
Enrollment is limited to ten.