Fine Arts | Sculpture 1
S270 | 2473-2474 | Wendy Taylor and TBA

S270 Sculpture 1

This is a general, academic year course description intended as a
guide.  Your instructor will provide you with your specific course

The study of sculpture with an emphasis on the relationships of
volume and space through modeling, carving, and construction.  A
variety of materials including wood, steel, and plaster are utilized
in exploring and developing sculptural ideas.  Well equipped work
shop is available for further exploration in construction areas.

The purpose of the course is to create an interest and knowledge in
the field of sculpture and what is available for further exploration.

Class format includes demonstrations, slide presentations, critiques
in a studio environment.

Assignments, Tests, and Grades:  Elective problems and goals grow
out of preceding specific assignments; these vary according to the
makeup and experience of each particular class.  Both individual and
group critiques are held.  Grades are based on quality of artistic
objects and learning development.  Attendance is required.

A lab fee is charged.  Visit for
fee details.