Fine Arts | Metalsmithing and Jewelry Design I
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Prerequisite: F100, F101, and F102.

Introduction to the basic techniques of metalsmithing and exploration
of creative approaches to jewelry design through a service of
experiments and projects.  Techniques to be covered include:  sawing,
soldering, filing, sanding, riveting, decorative surface design,
stretching, planishing, finishing, and polishing.  This is not a
course in costume or commercial jewelry design, this is an art course.

Its focus will be on the development of the studentsí creative
concepts, aesthetic sensibilities, and their sense of fine

The emphasis of the course will be to explore metal as a medium of
aesthetic expr4ession, to develop skill and a sense of craftsmanship
in handling metal, to gain an understanding of basic design
principles, and to expand the studentsí awareness of what is being
done in metals and its relationship to other art forms.

The format includes slide lectures, demonstrations, critiques,
experimental research and required projects all in a studio situation.

ASSIGNMENTS, TESTS, AND GRADES: Assignments include pierced metal
project, stretched bowl, soldered hollow construction jewelry piece,
surface pattern samples and linear study in wire.  Critiques will be
held.  Grades are based on attitude, effort, creativity,
innovativeness, content of work, design concepts, contribution to
class critiques, work inside and outside of class, and quality of
finished projects.  Attendance is absolutely mandatory.

Text: Recommended: Tim McCreight, The Complete Metalsmith.

A lab fee is assessed.