Fine Arts | Printmaking 2 Silkscreen
S344 | 2464 | Wendy Calman


This is a general description based on an academic year semester.
It is intended as a guide.  Your instructor will provide you with
specific course requirements

Since the basic technical information has been introduced in S240,
the main thrust of this course is to develop students’ own personal
imagery.  Printing larger formats, color, and a variety of
photographic methods are explored, and students are encouraged to

This course encourages the expression of ideas through drawing,
developing better knowledge of formal issues (such as color,
composition, etc.) and improving technical skills through practice.

The goals of S344 are to develop students’ personal imagery through
direct observation, drawing, and references to the history of art;
provide insight into potential of mediums; improve technical

Assignments, Tests, and Grades:  Certain problems are addressed
through specific assignments – these vary according to the makeup
and experience of each particular class.  Critiques, both individual
and group, are given.  Grades are determined by quality of work,
completion of assignments, general attitude, and effort.  Attendance
is required.

A lab fee is charged.  See for fee