Fine Arts | Metalsmithing and Jewelry Design 3
S481 | 2425 | Randy Long

Prerequisite:  S381

Offered each semester.

Advanced study in the area of jewelry and metalsmithing.  Techniques
covered will be angle raising, planishing, forged flatware, and die-
forming.  Other advanced techniques when applicable to the project

Student should explore individual directions in their metalwork
within the context of assigned projects.

The courses use a studio format.

Assignments, Tests, and Grades:  Minimum of three finished
projects.  Grades are based on attendance, class participation,
originality, craftsmanship, design concepts; work inside and outside
of class and quality of finished projects.

Attendance is absolutely mandatory.

Students must buy tools and materials as needed.  A lab fee is
charged.  For the latest list of lab fees, visit the Office of the
Bursar at