Folklore | Traditional Arts Indiana
F402 | 2545 | Carpenter

F402 and is graded on a deferred R grade basis. Section
requires permission of instructor to register.

Traditional Arts Indiana (TAI), a partnership of the Department of
Folklore and Ethnomusicology and the Indiana Arts Commission, seeks
to identify, document, and present traditional artists throughout
Indiana. In 2003-04, TAI will focus on creating an apprenticeship
program with Indiana's master traditional artists, designing
programming for the Indiana State Fair, and creating “slide shows”
for the TAI WEB site.

Typically, F402 does not meet as a formal class.  Students have an
opportunity to work one on one with the Instructor and to choose
hands-on participation in TAI activities (e.g., fieldwork, planning
exhibits and programs, media applications, publications) as well as
reflecting on their work through readings and journal writing.