Folklore | Folklore & Related Disciplines
F430 | 2549 | Tuohy

This course introduces the field of ethnomusicology through reading,
writing, and doing ethnomusicological research.  It emphasizes the
study of music in social contexts, and the study of society from a
musical perspective. It is designed for students interested in the
study of music in human life as well as in cross-cultural approaches
to the study of music and culture.  Students with interests in
particular topics will find opportunities to pursue them in
assignments.  The final grade will be based on a combination of a
midterm exam, research assignments, and class preparation and

The course introduces ethnomusicological theories and approaches, key
issues and points of debate, and resources for future research and
teaching.  It also prepares students for more specialized courses
such as fieldwork, world areas, and transcription.  It is expected
that students have taken one or more courses in the Department of
Folklore and Ethnomusicology.  Formal training in music is not

The course fulfills one of the 400-level departmental requirements
for undergraduate majors and minors.  Fulfills the COAS Social and
Historical, Social Inquiry distribution requirement.