Folklore | Folklore Colloquy
F501 | 2553 | Bauman

The objective of this team-taught course is to introduce students to
major points of correspondence and convergence between folklore and
ethnomusicology.  The course is designed to engage students in a
dialogue that explores the grounds for integration of these lines of
inquiry based upon their conceptual frameworks, research
methodologies, theoretical perspectives, modes of professional
engagement, and intellectual histories.  Required of beginning
graduate students in folklore and ethnomusicology, the
course is also open to--and encourages the participation of--students
in adjacent fields with an interest in the role of symbolic forms in
society and culture, the sociology of culture, and the aesthetics of
everyday life.  Also counts as a core course for Ph.D. minors in
folklore and ethnomusicology.

Readings:  Course packet available at the IU Bookstore and TIS.