Folklore | Survey of Folk Narrative
F545 | 2556 | Dolby

Class meets at 501 N. Park.  Meets with F420.  The objective of this
course is to engage with some of the significant genres of folk
narrative, both through exposure to the materials themselves and some
of the substantial research on each narrative form.  Primary among
the genres we shall study are legends, fairy tales, fables and animal
tales, jokes, personal narratives, family stories, life stories,
anecdotes, and memorates.  We shall not consider the narrative
categories of myth or ballad as there are entire courses devoted to
those topics frequently offered through the department.  We may
include some consideration of the epic, however.

Because this course is a survey rather than a seminar focusing on a
single genre, no one genre will be covered in depth.  However, you
will be required to read primary texts representative of each of the
genres and some of the essential research associated with each.
Graduate students will be required to read and report on more than
the assigned secondary readings, and everyone will complete two take-
home essay exams and one small fieldwork-based assignment.

Readings will include classic and contemporary collections of folk
narrative as well as an assigned reader containing related research.
The collections will be placed on reserve, but copies will be ordered
for those who want to add them to their personal libraries.