Folklore | East Asia: Global, Modernity & Tradition
F600 | 2558 | Janelli

Description and Objectives.  During the past few decades East Asia
has experienced a variety of transformations induced by capitalist
industrialization, urbanization, and multiple international and
intranational movements (e.g., diasporic emigration, immigration of
foreign workers, international and domestic tourism, and increased
intrusions of western modernity).  This seminar explores a number of
recent studies that attempt to portray and further the comprehension
of these transformations by looking to reworkings and uses
of "traditions" and challenging essentialized categories of ethnicity
and nationality.

Requirements and Evaluation Policies.  Each participant is asked to:

1.  Submit a series of one-page (250-word) synopses explicitly
identifying and discussing the main point(s) of each of the assigned
readings prior to its discussion in class, and two written questions
for class discussion.  These submissions will be graded and will
contribute 25% of the course grade.

2.  Contribute to class discussions (25%)

3.  Present a draft of a research paper on a relevant topic of
his/her choice and endure 20 minutes of constructive criticism from
the rest of the class (20%)

4.  Submit a final research paper of about 20 to 30 pages (30%).

Graduate students from other departments are welcome.