French and Italian | Théâtre et essai
F305 | 2640 | MacPhail

In this course we will read plays and essays from the 17th century to
the 20th century. We will begin with Jean Racine's tragedy
Brittanicus, which will be the subject of our first test. Then
we will read selections from the Histoire philosophique et
politique des deux Indes, an enlightenment history of European
colonization of the New World and an important statement of pre-
revolutionary politics. Students will write and rewrite a 4 to 5 page
essay on a topic of their choice relating to the Histoire des deux
Indes. We return to the theater with Victor Hugo's drama Marion
Delorme, on which we will take an in-class essay test. Next we
will read Jean Anouilh's play La Répétition and do another
essay test. Finally, we will read some essays by the anthropologist
Claude Lévi-Strauss on the relationship between history and culture,
which will be the subject of the final exam. All work is in French and
the grade will be based on the five written assignments plus class