French and Italian | French Linguistics 2
F577 | 2662 | Dekydtspotter

F577 introduces students to issues in French morphosyntax (clausal and
nominal (morphological and word order) paradigms) and to aspects of
interpretation relevant to syntax (thematic roles, event structure,
Logical Form). The aim is to understand better the architecture of
grammatical knowledge, the principles governing syntactic
representations and the differences between French and English. This
course assumes some basic knowledge of generative theory and
command of French. By the end of the term, students should be able to
read and access much of the primary literature in generative French
syntax, collect, organize and analyze data, and analyse linguistic
data. Textbooks are Syntaxe et sémantique du français and
Syntaxe du français: L'universel et le particulier dans la langue.