French and Italian | French Lexicology & Lexicography
F677 | 2667 | Valdman

This course will deal with various aspects of the structure of the
French lexicon. It will also examine the process of dictionary
compilation and evaluation. An important aspect of the course will be
hands-on experience in the use of computer technology for various
lexicographic and lexicological tasks, for example the compilation of
data bases, use of the optic scanner, preparation of concordances, and
automatic text analysis. Issues in bilingual French-English
lexicography will also be discussed,. Emphasis will be placed on the
links between North American French dialects, especially those of
Louisiana, as well as on the preparation of differential dictionaries
in the francophone world. Students will have access to differential
dictionaries and inventories prepared for francophone countries
outside of France and to the data bases on Louisianan Creole and
Louisiana French and Haitian Creole of ongoing research projects.

Among the topics to be covered are the following:
1.  The identification and classification of French words
2.  The lexical inventory of French: the renewal of the French lexical
stock; borrowing (external and dialects) and internal creation
3.  Semantic relations; problems of synonymy and polysemy
4.  Metonymy, metaphor and deep-level naming structures
5.  History of French lexicon; etymology, with stress on structural
6.  Bilingual lexicography
7.  Gathering data for dictionary compilation
8.  Writing dictionary definitions
9.  Sociolinguistic and language planning issues in lexical
development; purism and normative institutions

Basic textbook: Mortureux, Marie-Françoise, 1997. La lexicologie
entre langue et discours. Paris: Sedes ISBN 2-7181-9031-0.
Readings in monographs and articles; consultation of various types of
dictionaries and dialect glossaries, with emphasis on those of North
American varieties of French.

Course requirements and grading scheme:
Short assignments: 20%
Class report on selected syllabus topic and write-up: 20%
Term paper: 40%
Take-home final: 20%

Pre-requisites: F580 or equivalent or permission of the instructor.
NOTE: F677 will be taught together with the course in general
lexicology and lexicography (L630). Students enrolling in F677 will
meet for one additional class each week that will be taught in French.
The topics will be common to both courses but in the additional class,
the focus will be on specific issues in French lexicology and