French and Italian | Reading and Expression in French - Honors
S300 | 2639 | Berkvam

The goal of this course is to introduce the student at the beginning
of the advanced, 300-level, to the various literary genres in French
(poetry, short stories, theatre, novel), and to various forms of
writing and discussion about their readings. Students will write two
explications de texte during the semester, and two papers.
There will be four exams but students have the option of replacing two
of the four exams by writing papers on a topic of her/his choice,
based on the work to be covered by the exam. In addition to writing
and reading, special emphasis will be placed in learning French poetic
versification, and on developing the skills for writing the French-
style explication de texte.

The course will be conducted in French with all readings, discussions
and written assignments in French. Final grades will be based on the
exams, papers, explications de texte, and a grade for oral

We will use the following books:

Dufau, Micheline.Découverte du poème. Holt, Rinehart, Winston
Camus, Albert.Caligula/Le Malentendu. Folio.
Le Clezio, J. M.Mondo et autres histoires. Folio.
Nothomb, Amélie. Cosmétique de l'ennemi. Albin Michel
plus several handouts on versification, the explication de texte

Above section open to honors students only; obtain on-line auth for
above section from honors.