Geology | Structural Analysis
G565 | 9906 | B. Douglas

G565: Structural Analysis (3 cr)

This course will focus on the underlying mechanisms responsible for
strain in both the elastic and viscous/ductile fields of material
response to imposed strain.  Topics will include catastrophic brittle
failure, kinetic fracture, ductile failure, and plastic deformation.
The emphasis will be on investigating both microscopic and
submicroscopic deformation mechanisms with the goal of arriving at an
understanding of the physical principles and processes involved in
accommodating the imposed strain and the basis for the constitutive
relationships which can be used to describe this response.  The scale
of the problems addressed with vary from that of plate-scale
interactions (e.g. subduction zones) to that of the hand sample, cm-
mm-scale (e.g. the development of metamorphic fabrics).  The course
will involve a combination of lecture format presentations and
practical laboratory activities.  Evaluation will be based on in-class
participation, homework, and two written examinations.