Geology | Clay and Zeolite Mineralogy
G690 | 312A | D. Bish

G690, Clay and Zeolite Mineralogy (3 cr)
Prerequisite: G221 or equivalent (Mineralogy), G427 (X-ray Mineralogy)
desirable.  Two 75-minute classes per week, laboratory time included
in some classes.  This course will present an overview of clay and
zeolite mineralogy, beginnng with the fundamentals of the mineral
structures and chemistries, and how variations in these control
mineral properties.  Some emphasis will be placed on the application
of X-ray powder diffraction methods to obtain a quantitative
understanding of the mineral structures and the degree of structural
disorder, particularly in clay minerals.  Students will conduct a
laboratory experiment using X-ray powder diffraction to study the
mineralogy and degree of order/disorder in a clay or zeolite sample of
their own choosing.  This exercise will involve both measured
diffraction data and computer simulated diffraction patterns, and
students will gain experience with several computational methods.
Near the end of the course, we will focus on several environmental and
technological applications of clays and zeolites, emphasizing the link
between crystal structure and properties.