Germanic Languages | Deutsch: Mittelstufe II
G330 | 2960-2962 | Staff

Prerequisite: G300 with a grade of C- or higher, an equivalent course
at another institution or placement.

This course continues to expand and develop the student's command of
German beyond previous, intermediate-level work and prepare them for
upper level courses for a major or minor in German.  Students will
work with a variety of contemporary texts, with the expectation that
they have a basic familiarity with German culture.  Language practice
will focus on helping students to express their ideas in a manner
consistent with advanced language work.

Required Texts--

Corl, Jurasek, and Jurasek  Übergänge:  Texte Verfassen
ISBN 0-8384-4637-8

Milena Moser, Die Putzfraueninsel   ISBN 3499224542

A course reader and resource collection.

For G300-330, we recommend: Langenscheidt's New College German
Dictionary, Wahrig's Wörterbuch der deutschen Sprache and the Duden
Deutsches Universalwörterbuch.