Germanic Languages | Deutsche Landeskunde
G362 | 2964 | Breger

Prerequisite: G300 with a minimum grade of C-. Recommended: G330.

An introduction to contemporary German culture. We will talk about
the history of the two German states after 1945 as well as examine
different perspectives on political, social, and cultural questions
in present-day Germany (e.g. East-West integration, politics of
memory, minorities, gender issues). Presentations, readings,
discussions, and examinations partly in German, partly in English.
Two essay examinations (midterm/final), plus short quizzes.


Eva Kolinsky and Wilfried van der Will, eds.: Modern German Culture.
Cambridge: Cambridge UP, 1998 (paperback edition).

Renate Luscher: Deutschland nach der Wende: Aktualisierte Fassung
2001. Ismaning/München: Verlag für Deutsch.

A course reader