Germanic Languages | German Phonetics & Phonology
G548 | 2985 | Rex Sprouse

G548:  German Phonetics and Phonology
Fall 2003
Section number 2985; 3 cr.
Mondays & Wednesday 17.45-19.00, BH 208

Instructor:	Rex A. Sprouse; Ballantine Hall 661; 855-3248;

Mangold, Max; et al.  (2000)  Duden Aussprachewörterbuch: Wörterbuch
der deutschen Standardaussprache.  (Duden, Band 6.)  4. Auflage.
Mannheim:  Bibliographisches Institut/Dudenverlag.
ISBN: 3-411-04064-5.
Spencer, Andrew (1996)  Phonology.  Cambridge, MA:  Blackwell.
ISBN: 0-631-19233-6.

Wiese (1996) The Phonology of German. New York: Oxford University
ISBN: 0-19-829950-8.	

articles on reserve in BH 643

instructor-generated handouts

Intellectual curiosity and willingness to learn about the German
sound system. However, neither a thorough knowledge of German nor
any specific background in linguistics is a prerequisite for this

This course will cover the basics of how the sounds of German are
articulated and survey several of the perennially studied aspects of
the German sound system: final obstruent devoicing, the ach-Laut/ich-
Laut alternation, the spirantization of /g/, aspiration of voiceless
stops, the distribution of schwa, umlaut, the vocalization of /r/,
stress assignment, the phonology of loanwords, etc. We will consider
description, analysis, and theoretical consequences.

The course grade will be based on the following criteria:
25%	four short written assignments/problem sets
25%	class participation and exposés
50%	course paper