Germanic Languages | Introduction to the Civilization of the Netherlands
N450 | 2972 | Esther Ham

N450:	The Netherlands and WWII: film and literature. (3 cr)
Esther Ham
(2nd 8 weeks course)
Section: 2972
2:30P-3:45P / MTWR
BH 205

Taught in English; no prerequisites.  Course open to graduates and
WW2: film and literature in Western Europe
Focus: The Netherlands

The second world war seems a war from long ago. Still in The
Netherlands it remains one of the most important themes of
literature and film. This course tries to give an idea why itís that
important. The main focus will be on The Netherlands, but we will
look at parallels in other West European countries also. The course
begins with an outline of the war, in Western Europe, and more
specifically in The Netherlands.  One of the most important Dutch
novels will be read and the film made after this book will be shown.
Furthermore, we will look critically at more films, the most well
known in The Netherlands as well as some other films, made in Europe.

Harry Mulisch, The assault  (Pantheon Books, ISBN 0394744209)

Marga Minco, Bitter Herbs (Penguin books, ISBN 0140127461)


Additional readings will be made available through handouts.