Germanic Languages | Topics in Yiddish Culture
Y350 | 2963 | Kerler

Aspects of Modern Yiddish Culture (1880s-1980s)

Prerequisites: None
The course aims to offer an integrative overview and discussion of
the various aspects and manifestations of modern Yiddish culture. It
will, among others, focus on the following topics: (a) sociology,
ideology, and modern history of Yiddish, (b) Yiddish folksong and
modern Yiddish poetry, (c) history and role of Yiddish theater and
performing arts, (d) general survey of modern literary creativity;
(e) some aspects of architecture and plastic arts history, (f)
Yiddish education and scholarship (philology, historiography,
ethnography), (g) 20th century centers of Yiddish culture.

Required texts:

Emanuel Goldsmith, Modern Yiddish Culture, Fordham University Press,
1997. ISBN: 0823216950

Benjamin Harshav, The Meaning of Yiddish, Stanford University
Press:  Stanford Ca., 1999. ISBN: 0804735751

Ruth Rubin, Voices of a People : The Story of Yiddish Folksong,
University of Illinois Press, 2000. ISBN: 0252069188