Gender Studies | Topics in Gender Studies: Gender and Sexual Behavior
G302 | 2740 | Graham, Cynthia

Gender and Sexual Behavior asks, “How does gender influence our
sexual attitudes and behaviors?”  Sexual behavior represents perhaps
the most highly gendered aspect of interactions.  This course
examines current understandings of the relationship of gender to
various aspects of human sexuality including sexual behavior
patterns in various populations; sexual norms and the sexual double
standard; sexual attitudes; attraction and love; sexual
relationships; dynamics of sexual interactions and communication;
contraception and fertility; sexually transmitted diseases; sexual
health/risk behaviors; sexual anatomy and functioning; sexual
enhancement and therapy.

This course offers in-depth analyses of gender behavioral issues
related to sexuality, and is of most interest to students with some
previous background in courses related to gender, within fields such
as sociology, psychology, education, health studies, or gender