Gender Studies | Representation and the Body
G310 | ALL | Tracy Luedke

Representation and the Body asks questions such as: Why have the
incidence of anorexia nervosa and other eating disorders -
especially among women and girls - increased so dramatically in
recent decades and how do competitive sports affect men’s images of
their bodies?  This course examines a range of bodily practices and
cultural codes that mark the body, and asks why sex-differentiated
body rituals have become so salient in recent times.  The course
concentrates on the creation and institutionalization of sexual
difference through representations of the body, and also examines
attempts to challenge these representations.  Topics addressed
include: chronic dieting, sports and fitness; racially and
culturally specific body alterations; cross-dressing and
transexualism; the commodification of reproduction;
and “alternative” sexualities.  Scholarly arguments representing the
body as a site of social control and political struggle receive
critical examination.