Gender Studies | Sexual Behavior and the Human Female
G402 | 2744 | Allen, Judith

Sexual Behavior in the Human Female - Genealogies and Legacies
explores the “life and times” of Alfred C. Kinsey and Associates’
Sexual Behavior in the Human Female (1953), published 50 years ago.
Readings and discussions trace the state of sex research related to
women’s sexuality prior to Kinsey’s path-breaking study, compare
Kinsey’s findings and approach to those of contemporaries concerned
with women’s sexual experiences, and explore related research after
Kinsey’s death in 1956.  Student research projects address both the
1953 female volume as a text (i.e. structure, rhetoric,
interpretation, etc.) and the scientific, cultural, social history,
and sexual politics context in which it was written and published.
Reviews and representations of the text form a particular focus for