Gender Studies | Concepts of Gender
G601 | 2750 | Allen, Judith

Concepts of Gender introduces historical, theoretical, behavioral,
philosophical, scientific, and multi- and cross-cultural
perspectives on gender and its meanings, exploring its disciplinary
and interdisciplinary uses and implications.  Attention is given to
the emergence of the category “gender” itself, and its variable
applications to different fields of knowledge, experience, cultural
expression, and institutional regulation.  Particular themes
include:  the postwar emergence of the sex/gender distinction;
relationships between “gender” and the natural, medical, and social
sciences; multi-cultural and cross-cultural variations in meanings
and implications of “gender;” competing approaches to studying
masculinity and femininity within particular fields; the status
of “gender” within areas of feminist scholarship or criticism; or
inter-connections between gender and theories of sexuality,
identity, orientation, and the “lived body.”