Gender Studies | Gender and Comic Strips
G701 | 2754 | Malti-Douglas, Fedwa

Gender & Comic Strips explores the power of comic strips as
purveyors of cultural information.  Their ability to transmit
various messages is enhanced by the fact that comics partake of at
least two distinct discourses; the visual and the verbal.  This
course examines both the visual and verbal languages of comics and
their intersection with gender, the body, sexuality, and politics.
It scrutinizes different types of comics, from the religious to the
secular.  The course studies the ways in which purely verbal
narratives, such as fairy tales and Biblical stories, are
transformed into comic strips.  Questions posed in this course
are “What kinds of heroes, both male and female, live in the comics
universe?” and “How do the verbal and visual languages interact to
create that distinct discourse that is that of comics.