History | Love & War in U.S. History & Film
A300 | 3085 | Bodnar

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In the twentieth century Americans came to know the wars in which
they fought through the medium of film.  This course will look at
World Wars I and II, the Cold War,  and Vietnam and the issues they
raised by discussing readings and  analyzing  feature films of these
conflicts.  Major attention will be devoted to the differences in
outlook toward these wars between men and women.   The warrior
inclination of men will be contrasted with the pacifism of women. 
And discussion will also focus on efforts made to convince both men
and women that these wars were worth fighting.    The course is
based upon an assumption that Hollywood films reflected the wide
variety of attitudes that Americans held toward war throughout the
century.   A course reader will supply various articles pertaining
to the wars and movies under review.  A tentative list of films to
be shown (fully or partially) includes Hearts of the World, Sgt.
York,  Casablanca, Keeper of the Flame, A Foreign Affair,  The Man
in the Grey Flannel Suit, Coming Home, The Deer Hunter and
others.    Grades will be based on a series of short papers that
students will write during the semester; there will be no exams.