History | Contemporary Latin America in Global Perspective
F300 | 9931 | James

This course will introduce the student to a wide variety of issues
that help to make up contemporary Latin American reality. The themes
covered in the course include: urbanization and the development of
shanty towns; the environmental threat to the Amazonian rain forest;
indigenous peoples in Latin America; the changing role of women in
Latin American society; varieties of popular culture in contemporary
Latin America; the cultivation of coca and the drug wars; the
development of popular protest movements; the varieties of religious
experience in Latin America. Students will use a variety of texts
and films drawn from history, political science, anthropology and
cultural studies to study these themes. The underlying idea behind
the course is to give the student a broad knowledge of some of the
principle issues that go into the world that contemporary Latin
Americans inhabit. No prior knowledge of Latin America is required.