History | Teaching World History II: Practicum
H592 | 9633 | Shopkow

H592: p-hist H591 with Professor Shopkow
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In this course, the sequel to H591 “Teaching World History,” you
will teach courses in world history based on the syllabi you
designed in the earlier course. These courses will be offered as
regular courses in the History Department, under the course number
W300. Students taking W300 will receive credit for taking a “world
history” course, if they require such credit.

You will have successfully completed H591; while taking that course
you and a team member will have designed a syllabus, approved by me,
which will be the course syllabus for your W300 course. Instructor
authorization is required to participate in T500.

Participants’ Responsibilities
Each of you, together with your team partner,  will have all of the
responsibilities of teaching the courses (ordering books, preparing
handouts, lecturing, running discussions, writing and giving
examinations, holding regular office hours, doing student
evaluations, and assigning grades). In other words, your
responsibilities to the history department will be the same as any
other instructors teaching for the department. You will also be
entitled to the same support from the History Department as any
other instructor (having hand-outs and exams duplicated).

You should make sure that I have a copy of every hand-out you give
in class and every exam.

Instructor Responsibilities
As the supervisor of T500, I will attend all the classes I can
(except exams) and be available for consultation with participants
in the course whenever they or I feel it necessary to do so. In
addition, we will meet as a group on a regular basis to touch base
with each other and discuss any common issues that may have arisen.
If there is any extraordinary problem in your classroom, I will
intervene in your class; otherwise, I will leave you to solve the
ordinary problems that face us all by yourselves, although, of
course, I will be available to consult about them!

The course will be graded on an S/F basis, for philosophical and
practical reasons. I want you to be able to experiment, without
feeling that you will be penalized for any “failure” I might
perceive, and to save your energies for thinking about teaching and
your students’ needs and not what I might think of you. In addition,
because you are teaching in teams, this should reduce any friction
within the teams because of a fear that I might rate one of you more
highly than the other or that you might be “dragged down” by your
partner. Finally, you’ll feel freer to think about (and sometimes
reject!) my suggestions under these circumstances. What works for
one teacher doesn’t always work for another, and you’ll be trying to
figure out what best suits your individual teaching styles.

My assessment will be based on my observation of your class and upon
your materials. I will not examine your student evaluations,
although you should arrange for your students to do evaluations,
which will form part of your teaching portfolio. I will write an
assessment for your class as a whole and one of your performance as
a teacher in it which will be placed in your file.