History | Colloquium in African History
H695 | 9770 | Hanson

This course introduces graduate students to the main themes and
critical issues in the historical literature concerning East African
social and cultural history. It is designed to prepare students for
the African history PhD qualifying examination and also to provide a
forum for discussion of research and analysis of Africas past.
There are no course prerequisites, and African Studies Minors are

Course requirements:
Students must read all focus readings (one common book or review
article per week for the first ten weeks of the semester).
Additionally, students must select one theme, read the five assigned
books, make an oral presentation on the readings, and write a review
essay (12-15 typed pages). Finally, students must identify a
second historical theme (from the course syllabus or selected in
consultation with the instructor), read the assigned or selected
readings, and write a review essay (12-15 typed pages). The first
thematic review essay is due at the colloquium session devoted to
its discussion. The second thematic review essay is due 4 December.
The oral and written assignments contribute to the final grade as
follows: Oral presentations and class participation-34%; Thematic
Essays-33% (each).