History | Colloquium in Comparative History
H699 | 3156 | Carmichael

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This course will focus primarily on medieval and early modern plague
in Europe, surveying the kinds of evidence we have from those who
experienced these epidemics. We will also survey various
historiographical approaches to the history of plague, with
particular focus on the issues that divide and distinguish
literature on plague. We will explore traditional and innovative
collective strategies in times of great mortality crises. Finally,
we will be concerned with the representation of plague and
pestilence in Western tradition. The history of plague can be seen a
useful template for the construction of non-traditional survey
courses for students with no prior study of history. Graded
requirements: (1) abstracts and/or short summaries of general
assignments from the secondary literature; (2) a final paper
incorporating both primary and secondary sources related to a plague
(!) or topic of the student's choosing.