History | Seminar in Cultural History
H780 | 3161 | Dierks

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Above section meets with HIST H750, , AMST G751, and GNDR G701


This course concerns masculinity in early America between the late
15th and the early 19th centuries.  In keeping with current
historiographical trends, “early America” is defined broadly to
encompass the Atlantic world and to span English, French, Spanish,
and other European colonization of the Americas.  Because this
course is a research seminar, we will use this historiography to
examine various theoretical, conceptual and methodological
approaches to the study of masculinity in particular and of gender
more generally.  (We obviously will not have sufficient time for a
comprehensive overview of the historiography.)  We will interrogate
both work which features masculinity as its central focus, as well
as work which treats masculinity in service of another research goal.

Students will then turn to writing a research paper of article
length based on original research with primary sources.  The last
part of the course will involve individual presentation and group
discussion of research projects.