History | The Life and Times of Juan and Evita Peron: Peronism in Words and Images
J300 | 3123 | James

This seminar centers on the lives and careers of Juan Peron and his
second wife, Evita. We will examine both the lives of the two
individuals who dominated twentieth century Argentine history and
study the social and political movement that they founded. A wide
variety of sources will be used in this seminar: novels, short
stories, government documents, visual materials such as photographs
and films. Using this wide array of sources students will examine
not simply the details of two lives but the ways in which Peron and
Evita have been represented in Argentine popular culture. On this
basis students will analyze the profound connection between the
Perons and ordinary Argentine people. Themes examined will include:
the role of organized labor within Peronism, the role of women
within the Peronist movement; Peronism and the culture of violence
in Argentina in the 1960s and 70s, Peronism and Argentine popular

No prior study of Argentina required.