History | Carolingian Empire
J400 | 3124 | Deliyannis

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The empire created by Charlemagne in the late eighth century AD was
not merely a political unification of territory, but was a social
and cultural phenomenon, whose participants viewed themselves as
reviving the Roman empire.  This course will examine the rise,
extent, and fall of this empire during the period 700-900 AD.
Subjects to be addressed include: forms of government, legislation,
and dispute settlement; political ideas; varieties of religious
life; theological debates; Carolingian interaction with neighboring
peoples; ideology as expressed through art, architecture and
literature; historical writing; and social organization.  We will
read extensively in both primary and secondary sources.

This course will be taught as a seminar; that is, classes will be
discussion based, and students should expect to participate in, and
occasionally lead, debate.  Each student will give an oral
presentation on one book, and there will also be short weekly
written exercises on the readings.   The major requirement of the
course will be a research paper on a topic of the student's choice,
which will also be presented orally to the class at the end of the