History | History of IU Students
J400 | 3125 | Pace

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In this course we will explore the history of students on our campus
and produce original research on the experience of their
counterparts in earlier eras.  The first part of the course will be
devoted to gaining a general background on the history of students
from the Middle Ages to the present, the history of Indiana
University, and the kinds of historical sources that are available.
Then each student will begin research on a topic of his or her
choosing.  Individual members of the class might concentrate on
student reactions to certain national events, such the Civil War,
the Depression, the civil rights movement, or Vietnam.  Others could
focus on the development of particular student institutions, such as
collegiate athletics, the IDS, or the Greek system, or on the
classroom experience at various eras.  This will culminate in a
twenty page research paper and in a shorter summary of findings that
will be made permanently available to future students interested in
their history.
This course should provide students with an opportunity to sharpen
their skills at research and writing and to encounter directly the
experiences of their predecessors.  The instructor will provide
detailed support and guidance at each stage of the process, and
students will work together in teams to uncover relevant evidence.
If you have questions about this course, you can contact the
instructor at dpace@indiana.edu