History | Globalization
W200 | 3077 | Riley

Are workers’ wages set in Beijing?  Are executive salaries set in
American corporate boardrooms?  Does the spread of American popular
culture amount to a new form of cultural imperialism?  Does a
disease that appears in one place threaten the entire globe?  These
are a few of the questions raised by globalization.  This word
describes the integration of human interests and activities across
political boundaries.  Many people use this word to refer to changes
in technology, trade, and capitalism in the last three decades of
the 20th century.  Others use it to discuss migration and travel,
the rising importance of international organizations, the
internationalization of cuisine, and many other ways in which
ordinary boundaries have been penetrated or removed in the 20th

This course will study the history of globalization, paying closest
attention to assessing its effects and direction.  How has
globalization changed human experience?  We’ll read some books and
articles, write four papers, and discuss issues raised in class and
in our reading.