Honors | Great Latin American Literature
H203 | 0010 | Salmon

4:00-5:15P  TR  BH219

This course will deal with great contemporary writers of Latin
America, focusing on short fiction, drama, and poetry. Three films
based on written works will be included. Authors to be studies are:
Gabriel Garcia Marquez (Colombia), Jorge Luis Borges (Argentina),
Julio Cortazar (Argentina), Carlos Fuentes (Mexico), Pablo Neruda (
Chile), Antonio Skarmeta (Chile), Ariel Dorfman (Chile), Ernesto
Cardenal (Nicaragua). There will also be consultative readings.

The purpose of the course is to develop enjoyment and broader culture.
All the authors are highly innovative, and their works have achieved
worldwide influence.

Expectations: a mid-term and a final, with several short critical
papers. Because of the light written workload attendance and
especially participation in class will count heavily toward the final

Following introductory lectures the works will be discussed openly and
informally in class (including comparisons of literary works and
films). This is a course for generalists, not literary specialists.