Honors | Debussy & His Era
H203 | 0011 | Hertz

7:15-8:30P  TR  M 242

Debussy, one of the greatest of the composers, is a figure who changed
music, opening up vast new realms of expressive possibility. Debussy
is situated in a key position amidst the Romantics, Symbolists,
Impressionists and Modernists, and yet his work defies easy
categorization in any of these groups. His music ends the nineteenth
century aesthetic and introduces the twentieth century and after. His
sense of musical expression in both western and nonwestern, exposing
European ears to Asian, American and other cultures, as well as
introducing a fresh sense of experimentation with sound. This course
offers an extensive view of the composer's achievement through a
contextualization of his music in the culture of his ear. We will
examine large portions of Debussy's repertoire, while exploring his
own writings, and his biography. Also to be studies are his
relationships with poets, artists and philosophers of his time,
especially those he knew and who had a clear impact on his work. The
course will be taught in conjunction with activities in the School of
Music, including required attendance at selected concerts and master
classes. The class will also feature visits to the IU art museum, and
possibly other venues.